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    Trying to change a netbook which just has fedora so it dual boots xp

    Hi, im very new to linux i have a netbook which is currently running only fedora and have now decided that i want it to dual boot with xp and fedora.
    From what i have read so far it looks like it can be done if you already have xp on the computer but i dont. I made a bootable usb with xp but i keep getting a hal.dll error.

    Would someone be able to help me out with the process of how to do this correctly.

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    I guess I would re-format the disk creating a partition for Windows, a partition for Fedora and a small swap partition. Then I would install Windows onto the first partiton. Once completed I would install Fedora onto the second partition. Grub *should* take care of the dual booting. Done.
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    1.You need to plan your HDD space before you start to install, and to know that fedora will need approximately > = 10 gb
    2. Install win xp first on c: after the install, go to disk management and create a partition for d: for your other staff like files and movies. Then live the rest of the space for linux.
    3. Install fedora with ext3 or ext4 file system and also create swap which is advised to be your ram*2.
    4.You may edit
     vi /boot/grub/grub.conf
     vi /boot/grub/menu.lst
    to change the order.

    Tell me if this helped you.

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