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    Screen Session Problem

    So as I am still setting up my new linux partition, I'm adding a bunch of features that my friends have recommended. One of which is screen which one of my friends showed just how awesome this program is. I installed screen no problem. My issue arose when my computer started running a slow. I checked to see what was going in my system monitor and I had hundreds of screen sessions open. I decided to check how using screen -ls. The system monitor did not lie. I didn't know how to get rid of all of them so I shut down my comp. I rebooted and went straight to check the screen sessions as they should have all been stopped, but there were screen sessions there. I checked a second later and the number had gone up. Now I can't boot in kubuntu for longer than 2 minutes without risking my computer freezing. Anybody got a solution?

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    that sounds quite bizarre.

    did you write any scripts or install anything that is using screen? any new cronjobs using screen? look in the scripts in the startup area for kubuntu, too, probably /etc/rc.d/. also check your home dir.

    a find command like this might help. run it as root (to process dirs you normally can't access):

    find /home /var /etc -type f -exec grep --color -H screen {} \;
    also, keep in mind this command, if things get out of control. run it as root:

    killall screen

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    run ps aux and kill all process IDs related to the screen. Ctrl + - may also work.

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    What linux distro are you running? I had some weird problems running screen with fedora but have no issues on my ubuntu seedbox.

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