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    Cool Device manager in linux

    just messing around with centos

    my text is not great in chrome, its slightly cut off at the bottom, it is readable but annoying.

    so i wondered if my display drivers were up to date, or maybe a default driver that could be upgraded.

    was trying to find where to look at drivers etc

    googled and found this:

    The situation is rather different with Linux, because most drivers are included with the kernel, so there's not the same need to compare what is installed and running with what is available from various websites. As long as you keep your package manager up to date, it will inform you of any updates. There are various programs that will report on the status of your hardware, some generic and some specific to a distro. One of my favourites is lshw which is generally used in a console and gives a detailed listing of everything in the machine, from motherboard and CPU to USB devices.

    so does linux always install the default drivers? what if a device isnt working after install...can you add drivers but not really view whats installed? can somebody please clear this up for me?


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    There are actually two sets of drivers. There are the ones in the kernel which run all your hardware, and there are video card drivers that only click in when you use a graphical desktop. They are actually controlled by the X server (also known as xorg), not the kernel. xorg is the only program apart from the kernel that can talk to hardware, and it controls your video card, mouse and keyboard while the kernel runs everything else.

    xorg has driver modules for all common video cards but they are not always as good as the proprietary ones because the manufacturers are reluctant to release proper technical specs to the community. In particular, nvidia cards usually run better with the proper nvidia driver. You get drivers like that from the manufacturer's website.
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    Thanks for that are pretty knowledgeable...for just a little old lady...

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