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    Question Wget "cannot write to"/ "filename too long" problem

    First of all - Hi. After hours of not getting any further with this, I figured it was time to join a forum

    I'm using wget to download files from a website, and while it works fine for short urls, I get the "file name too long" and "cannot write to '/.." errors.

    How does one go about to work around this?

    The code/url in question is wget --recursive --accept.odt --no-parent -nd -P/poging " derePeriode&spd=20100617&epd=20100617&kmr=TweedeKa merderStatenGeneraal&sdt=KenmerkendeDatum&par=Aanh angsel+van+de+Handelingen|Kamervragen+zonder+antwo ord&dst=Onopgemaakt|Opgemaakt|Opgemaakt+na+onopgem aakt&isp=true&pnr=1&rpp=10"

    I know I can solve this by adding the following the code, as to create only one new file: "-O short_name.ext"

    However this still does not really solve the problem, as the extension has become one long file, where I need a collection of files.. Is there a way, perhaps, to save it as an extension that allows for all the files to be unpacked/abstracted from it?

    My job sorta depends on me getting this done, so any help is much appreciated

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    Try and use this as your URL. (
    Maybe a URL shortener will help.

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    Actually when i see Wget cannot write and show filename is too long then i did used long path tool for fix it. Did you use it yet ?

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