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    raid0 Ubuntu 12.04 Installation Problems

    I have read somewhere that some of the linux distributions need a partition outside an array for the boot sector to be able to boot. But I was wondering if Ubuntu 12.04 can be installed into an array which has been configuered with the HW raid controller (fakeraid)?

    Is that in general possible and is there somewhere a good howto?

    I am currently testing Ubuntu with my 2x 200GB 7.2k HDD. But my original plan is to install on 2 Seagate 750GB Momentus XT SATA 6Gb/s Hybrids that I've ordered, on several partitions a Ubuntu 12.04 with MythTV, Windows XP, pfSense (for testing purpouses).
    If someone has some input in what order to install the above and how to configure the bootloader would be appreciated.

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    I copied this from your other (closed) thread:

    Quote Originally Posted by huramentzefix View Post
    Yes and I agree. Linux is great. great to recover things, but I want to use it as my main operating system now and was trying to get some help about how to install it onto a software fakeraid 0 on the intel controller of my Dell XPS M1730 and my Hybride 750GB (1.5TB Raid 0) so that I can boot the stripe set.

    I would like to have several partitions (stripe set):
    A: Ubuntu or Mythbuntu
    B: Windows XP
    C: Documents and Settings and Home Folder, NTFS, Both operating systems using same folders for Music and Photos (if possible)
    D: pfSense experimental
    Like I said in the other thread, I've never played w/fakeraid before, but a quick google search turned up this dual-boot fakeraid howto:

    HOWTO: Fake Raid 0 Bios and Dual Boot Sabayon and XP - Sabayon Wiki

    It is for Sabayon, not *buntu, but a lot of it is low-level (distro-agnostic) and there seems to be a lot of detailed information there - give it a read, maybe. Ubuntu is so popular that I bet a good guide for it exists somewhere.

    as a piece of advice, i would recommend NOT sharing out (mounting) your partition containing the Documents and Settings folder, if you intend to write to it from Linux - it would be too easy to screw something up there. Instead, I would set up a separate partition formatted with FAT32 (or NTFS, I guess) and have both systems write to that. In Windows, you can change the location of the My Music folder with a registry hack, e.g.:

    My Music folder location - Windows-XP-General-Discussion - Windows-XP

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