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Thread: sed problems

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    Question sed problems

    Hi to all! I haven't understand something about sed.
    If i launch the command 'sed -f filescript text' , where filescript:
    #!/usr/bin/sed -f    
    # Put 80 spaces in the buffer
      s/^$/        /
    # del leading and trailing spaces
    y/\t/ /
    s/^ *//
    s/ *$//
    # add a newline and 80 spaces to end of line
    and text:
    (there are two initial spaces on every line)
    Sed put the first line in the pattern buffer by removing \n. After switches the two buffers and so the pattern buffer has 80 spaces and the hold buffer has " one".After it switches the buffers, so " one" is on pattern space. sed removes the leading zero, so the pattern buffer is now "one". After, with 'G' command it put \n and appends the 80 spaces to the pattern buffer. It finally prints the pattern buffer in the stdout,move the pattern buffer in hold buffer and start with the second line of the input,i.e. " two".Here it removes only the leading zero, so the pattern buffer is "two".After with 'G' it put \n in the pattern buffer and appends to it the hold buffer (which is "one\n[80 spaces]"). In the stdout it should prints "two\none\n[80 spaces]", but it prints "two".Why?

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    Not sure exactly what you are intending to do, however when I run your script as you've spec'd above I get the following:
    # sed -f filescript text



    I pushed the output to a file........
    # sed -f filescript test > output
    # vi output (and from within the file I ':set list' which shows all the 'special characters'.

    I had to attach an image as the copy/paste wouldn't show the 'spaces'.

    I suggest you run your program with the > output (or a filename of your choice) and edit with 'vi' and :set list to see the special characters.

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    I've just solved! Thanks anyway!

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