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    Reboot / Shutdown process dropping to TTY1

    I downgraded my desktop manager to GDM 2.2 due generally to the fact that GDM3 was causing a few errors within my system and now things seem to be working out However i notice now when i reboot or shutdown my system shows an abridged list of what it is doing but it drops down to TTY1 log in for about a minute before either rebooting or shutting down.. now my question is is that normal.

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    I've seen this before, but I don't think it is normal, or abnormal for that matter. That said, we should think about what processes occur when a "reboot" or "shutdown" command/event occurs. Basically, it does either an "init 0" for shutdown, or "init 6" for rebooting. That first causes the system to do stuff like shutting down network and disc resources, and then sending a terminate signal to all running software, pretty much in reverse order of their start up. Since the text login is started before the GUI login, the GUI will be shutdown first. Depending upon other factors, you might see the text login screen for a bit, before the system finishes shutting other stuff down. Assuming that your system shuts down or reboots ok, then don't sweat it!
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    I see this too. I think it depends on how fast your shutdown is. It always drops back to the console before going down but on a fast shutdown you don't see it.
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