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Thread: Drivers & Tar

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    Talking Drivers & Tar

    Hello World;
    I have been using linux for some time, yet i am probably one of those people who should stick with windows, so if you want to ignore my questions that will be ok!
    1. gnome3 and kde seem a bit bloated, i want to use a distro with gnome2 or better yet a kde with all the tools for home use without all the bells and whistles, any suggestions, thinking debian mint xfce, but when i tried it i find it a little lacking?
    2. I have no clue how to install drivers for equipment i want to use, right now that would be a usb connected microscope, i need to learn the process for find the driver after running lsusb.
    3. and finally, when i find the driver, i have very little success with the tar process, it was easy when i was using Arch as you can install the auto build tools from AUR. but i would like to learn the process or at least have a document i can follow that will help me learn. the pat answer i usually get of unpack and run ./config, is lacking for someone of my experience level.
    thanks in advance. george

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    I'll see what I can do to help wth those.
    1. Xfce is actually quite fully featured. It's gaining quite a bit of popularity from users who don't wish to use either Gnome 3, Unity or KDE. There are a few ditros that still use Gnome 2 (Debian and Scientific Linux come to mind).Or you could install MATE, which is a fork of Gnome2.
    2. That would depend on the hardware in question. Sometimes tou can get drivers from the manufaturers website. Other times, there may be drives on sites like SourceForge. Post the lsusb entry for it, we'll see what we can find.
    3. For some info on installing from source, this post might help.

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