I am trying to run xbmc on Pandaboard. Here are the steps I followed

1. installed ubuntu 12.04 (armhf) from rcn-ee.net/deb/rootfs/precise/ubuntu-12.04-r6-minimal-armhf-2012-09-10.tar.xz[/url]

2. installed ubuntu-omap-extras (sudo apt-get install ubuntu-omap-extras) after adding TI PPA

3. sudo apt-get install xinit xbmc

4. now I can see if I try to run xinit it gives me error (Xorg log is at paste.ubuntun /1212685/]Ubuntu Pastebin

5. I observed omaplfb and pvrsrvkm modules are not loaded so before calling xinit I try loading them and found both to be loaded but while loading omaplfb I got segmentation fault (though lsmod shows the module been loaded)

6. Kernel log can be found at paste.ubuntu /1212692/]Ubuntu Pastebin

I have been trying this for a month and tried various way to make it up and running.

Any suggestion or comment will be highly appreciated and definitely would be a great help for me.

Also, if anyone can point me out the working kernel + FS (ubuntu or debian) repository for Pandaboard (not ES version) will be an ultimate help. I need source code for working image as later I have some plan to modify some features.

Thanks in advance.