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    Connecting to a router


    I recently installed an internet connection in my new flat in China and here are the facts:-

    I do not own a modem or a router, just a wire from the wall to the back of my desktop. I am assured that the internet works by the workman who demonstrated it on his windows laptop.

    Question 1: I assume this means there is a router for the whole building (or larger area)?

    I have read the guides on connecting to the internet. Mainly the guide on the arch wiki. Sorry I can't post URL's.

    The guide says I need to know a load of settings. The only information the workman gave me is that the password is my phone number. Dhcpcd fails stating 'No IPv6 router avaliable'.

    My Chinese is not brilliant and my translator, with her brilliant English is not very helpful to be honest.

    Question 2: Her advice is that the internet is only compatible with windows, I think this is impossible but is it?

    There are no guides that I have found (or her) on the ISP's website. She says this is because in Windows it's so simple. I think she's right on this one.

    Question 3: Why might dhcpcd be failing and what are the possible ways to connect to my buildings router? There is no information on the ISP's website about gateways and what not, so I assume all I need is a password, yet dhcpcd is failing.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    There is not really enough information here.

    What distro are you using? Who is your ISP?

    My youngest daughter teaches university in Beijing. A cable comes into her flat. It goes into a router. A cable goes from there the the wireless router.

    She is no slouch with computers but had to get the husband of a friend, who spoke English and had IT knowledge to connect her.

    My daughter uses Windows and a Mac with OSX. The Internet connection can't really discriminate between OS. The only problem might be if there is a Windows set-up disk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChanTico View Post
    Dhcpcd fails stating 'No IPv6 router avaliable'.
    IPv6 ain't necessary for Internet.
    My guess is that you are a guest in a hotel or something like that ...
    Usual you will get a IPv4 address (from local Network) and then you may need to log on with the browser...

    So just open a Browser try access Google ... then you should get forwarded to an different page where you need to login.

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    Thanks for replying.

    I don't have a browser. I'm trying to install arch linux from a net install. Non-net install is not supported anymore. I don't yet have an operating system on my hardrive.

    My understanding of man dhcpcd is that should ipv6 fail, it tries again with IPv4?

    There is a thread in the arch forums with this log.

    dhcpcd[1782]: version 5.5.4 starting
    dhcpcd[1782]: eth0: sending IPv6 Router Solicitation
    dhcpcd[1782]: eth0: broadcasting for a lease
    dhcpcd[1782]: eth0: sending IPv6 Router Solicitation
    dhcpcd[1782]: eth0: sending IPv6 Router Solicitation
    dhcpcd[1782]: eth0: sending IPv6 Router Solicitation
    dhcpcd[1782]: eth0: no IPv6 Routers available
    dhcpcd[1782]: timed out
    dhcpcd[1782]: forked to background, child pid 1798
    This is exactly my error. The guy fixed it with this
    dhcpcd -S ip_address= -S routers= -S domain_name_servers= eth0
    The workman said my password is my phone number, this could be my ip address on the network. But I also need the address of the router in order for the static IP approach to work. Is my understanding correct?
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