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    Problem after erasing CrunchBang from harddrive

    I am fairly new to Linux and working with multiple operating systems and I think I may have done something bad. I formatted my HDD before so that I could install CrunchBang. Now I wanted to switch to Mint so I erased the partition that CrunchBang was on, leaving my Windows 7 partition and the recovery partition intact.

    However, when I restarted my computer after doing so, Grub fails to load any OS and resorts to the grub rescue> command line. I have tried using the Windows 7 Recovery Disc to start up DOS and fixmbr to restore the default boot menu, however, when I boot from the disc and the files begin to load, almost half way the loading stops and I get a I/O error saying that a device is not connected properly.

    I really think this is a software problem and is related to my deleting those partitions, however my Windows 7 OS should still be intact on my HDD.

    I am now out of options on how to restore my computer to at least Windows 7. I really need some help with this.


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    First thing you have to do is do a backup of the drive so you do not loose anything otherwise it will be kittens.
    Basic rules with operating systems is NOT to have them on your main master drive basically because of things such as this like you have found out.
    Do you have any important stuff in your Windows section?
    Have you go an original Windows disk?
    You will need an original Windows disk to get you out of the mess that you have got yourself into, Windows recovery disk will not do you will need an OEM disk to iron out the grub link.

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