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    Issues with backing up data to external storage!

    Hello All

    I seem to be having issues with backing up my data to NAS boxes using a script that is executed by a cron job.

    The script used to work fine but recently the backup job seems to be hanging(?) if that makes any sense, and the job does not complete unless I manually start to kill that hung process. By doing this, it will then skip the folder that it had hung on and resumes backing up the data again.

    I have checked various log files and cannot see any issues relating to why the backup may have failed. I get an email once the job completes and in the past It would just simply state get 'failed: No such file or directory (2)
    *** Skipping everything below this failed directory ***', but now I *think* the process just hangs when this happens???

    I have been playing around with the script in the last few days to see whether I could troubleshoot this issue further and reducing the files that need to be backed up etc, and last night the process pretty much hung after deleting files that were no longer on the sever so within the first 10 mins or so. So the issue seems to be getting worse!

    Any ideas why the above may be happening???

    Thanks in adv


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    it would be helpful if you were able to post that script

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    If you post script then it will be good to detect issue can run debugg that script and check where is problem ...this will be the better option ...

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    Hi and thanks for the responses. Its not an issue with the script. As the script was working fine prior to these issues occuring. I have reduced what needs to be backed up i.e. im not backing up the /var, /lib, /usr and /sbin directories and havent had any issues since doing this and the backups are completing so much faster too. I'm not sure what in these dirs was causing the backup to just "hang" and havent had the opportunity to investigate but as the most important data is being backed up, its not much of a concern for me atm.

    Thanks again.

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