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    use mv to move file with same name

    call me lazy... but how do I mv or cp a file to a new folder with the same name without having to manually re-type the file name?

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    I'm just as lazy... maybe lazier.
    Just use cp.
    That pretty much does the job.
    cp /home/this/folder /whatever/folder/here
    Copies it right over. But you will always have to dictate the destination.

    Or you could go GUI and copy/paste.

    I just had a 'duh' moment... using the <TAB> button to auto-complete filenames cankeep you from having to type them out, as well.
    cp /home/this/folder /wh<TAB>(autofill)/fo<TAB>(autofill)/he<TAB>(autofill)
    Hope that made sense.
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    use the tab key :/

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    Thanks for the replies

    I understand how to use tab but that would only work on the source parameter, understandably.

    kevin@kevcoder00:~$ mv dirs<TAB>ource/s<TAB>ample.txt dirdest/sample.txt
    but I have to type the second sample.txt... which makes sense. How could the system "know" what I want.

    I was thinking more along the line of maybe some sort of text expansion or magic parameter

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    OK I found what I was looking for... at least one way.

    kevin@kevcoder00:~$ mkdir dirsource; mkdir dirdest; touch dirsource/sample
    kevin@kevcoder00:~$ mysource=dirsource/sample ; mv $mysource dirdest/${mysource#*/}
    kevin@kevcoder00:~$ ls dirdest/
    kevin@kevcoder00:~$ ls dirsource/

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