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    shutdown order on kill -SIGINT 1

    Id like to know in which order are my Linux resources (programs,network,filesystems..) closed when i send a SIGINT signal to init (pid=1) process,and how could I change that order so i can be completly sure that some application X has been shutdown before some other.
    Im not sure which order is followed when message "sending all processes kill signal" appears.Are some scripts executed in order or it just kills all processes in unknown order?
    Thank you!

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    Hi there,
    I only know the basics about this stuff and will try to explain them.

    The keyword is inittab

    In most Linux systems you will find a inittab which contains a script for every program that shall start or stop.
    Most times they are in the folder: "/etc/init.d/"
    Then there are different init - levels ...
    init 3 : commandline
    init 5 : grafical interface
    init 0 : shutdown
    and so on...

    For each level you will find a directory with soft-links to the script ... starting with: S##_ or K##_
    S ... Start
    K ... Kill
    ## a Number
    These scripts will be executed in order of the number.

    /etc/rc.1 (contains all links to go into init 1)

    On newer Systems the system changed to different deamon configuration files ... but somehow the old inittab still seems to be integrated.

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