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    Simple string related question


    I'm trying to write a bash script, and wondering what the best way of manipulation a returned string is.

    A variable $scriptString that stores the stdout of a command i run, can end up containing either "Build OK" or "Build failed. Creator: somename"

    I want to check if $scriptString contains "Build failed" and then grab "somename" and store it in a new variable. I'm not sure how to get at it though. This is where I'm at now:

    if [[ "$scriptString == *Build failed*"]]; then


    What should I do in the if statement to extract "somename" ?


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    something like this might work:

    if [[ "$scriptString == *Build failed*"]]; then
    echo $scriptString | cut -d: -f2
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    Thanks alot! Just what I was looking for.

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