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    XFCE: openSUSE vs MINT


    I am using amd64 x2 5000+, 2gb ram, geforce 450gts 1gb.
    I want a fast system, with lots of repositories and options, so I;ve decided to use XFCE.

    Now, what is better for running it? openSUSE or MINT?

    thanks for answers,

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    I just installed Mint Debian Edition Xfce, and I like it. It's a little plain, but that's what you get with Xfce.

    I prefer Debian based distros because there's a large availability of software for them. I have never tried SUSE or anything similar.

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    I've used both of those and they are both very good XFCE implementations. Of the two I preferred Mint; however, I'm currently using Mageia with XFCE in preference to either.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ziolkowskim View Post
    Now, what is better for running it? openSUSE or MINT?
    Which distro is best is largely down to personal preference and application ... suggest you give them both a try.

    Ed: I have used both distros ... but not much with xfce ... I prefer Mint to openSuSE ... but either should do the job ...

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    I'm not sure if it was Elija, Yancek, or someone else (Elijah & Yancek seem to always reply lol) that sharply replied to a post of mine recently over OS and "flavors". I'll be honest... When I dual booted, I was SuSE heavy. I am still a proponent and swear by it but thought after wanting to truly learn Linux, I went with the most heavily supported flavor of it and went with Mint/Cinnamon and then Debian. For some reason, when you say your distro (if different), people that don't use it don't think they can help... To me, it makes no sense but (and where persecution will happen) it's all a skin. Linux is Linux and yes, I understand some distros are better with hardware, etc. How do you want your Linux to respond, what do you need to accomplish, and what are you comfortable with? This is where the distro selection comes into play.

    To me, SuSE is perfect. Support isn't there though and after leaving Windows completely, I went with where the support was and followed Mint/Cinnamon because Mint was the most downloaded distro, Ubuntu had the most support, etc. For what it's worth, if you want to check it out, SuSE now has a Cinnamon distribution. If I didn't have over 90 hours invested in my current distro setup, I would change. I might do it soon on a different machine but I'm not in a rush... I switched because I can't stand the new gnome, unity, and have never been a fan of kde... Cinnamon was just perfect.

    Additionally, the reason I was SuSE heavy is so many things were so much more discoverable, when trying to find things within the OS on your own; it seemed more mapped out (if converting from Windows), so to speak, for the user. It was also more responsive and faster. It seemed cleaner and crisper as well. If you're interested, check out openSUSE:GNOME Cinnamon - openSUSE

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