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    There is a section of the install I am not seeing. As mentioned in the previous threads , when I install I donot get CUSTOM INSTALL option. This is what I get at the partition screen:

    Partitioning Type
    Installation requires partitoning of your hard drive. The default layout is suitable for most users. Select what space to

    use and which drives to use as the install target.

    Use entire drive

    Replace existing Linux system

    Use free space

    Which drive(s) do you want to use for this installation?
    [*] sda 38147 MB (ATA WDC WD400BB-75J)

    Note There is no CUSTOM INSTALL. I used the option Use entire drive and click <ok>

    I'm not getting the partion screen where i can delete existing partitions and recreate new ones as I'm suppose to do for class. Does anyone know why that is happening?

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    For newbies word of advice, make sure your system has the correct install requirements. I read where you are suppose to have at least 1GHZ of memory to do an installation of the redhat 6.1 enterprise. I only had 512K. It was an old Dell I picked up from Craigslist.That is why I wasn't getting the proper screen menus during the install and so forth, and it only installed the system partially. After installing more memory into the machine, it worked fine.

    Thanks to all who responded with suggestions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by linuxnewbie13 View Post
    For newbies word of advice, make sure your system has the correct install requirements.
    That's good advise that would apply to any distro, and not just Red Hat. Even operating systems such as those distributed by Microsoft have recommended minimum system requirements.

    Glad to hear that you are up and running now!

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