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    ok i have the iso for ubuntu, + the following equipment...

    i have a windows desktop computer with the ubuntu iso downloaded to it

    i have a loose hard drive that i want to put the ubuntu on to (not onto my desktop computer)

    i don't have a second computer yet.

    i have a "usb to sata" things that plugs into the wall and the other sides plug into the desktop and into the loose hard drive

    so how do i get ubuntu installed onto the loose hard drive, if possible? the loose hard drive shows in my computer as "drive E"

    apologies but i have hard time understanding "iso" and "kernel" stuff. any help would have to be understood even by a baby.


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    Burn the downloaded iso to cd or dvd.Turn off your computer. Disconnect the internal hardrive. Turn on your computer and boot the cd you made using bios boot order (whatever key shows on initial bios boot screen). Run the cd installer. Install grub to mbr. Shutdown. Plug in the internal drive again. Pick usb boot in bios startup. Boot Ubuntu install on external hard drive.

    That is the safest way I know for a unskilled newbie usb external Ubuntu install. Unplugging your internal hardrive with Windows on it will keep you from making some kind of newbie mistake and install Ubuntu to internal hard drive and wiping your Windows 7 install.

    If you screw up. The only thing affected is the external drive that way. Not your internal drive.
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