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    Confussion with Repositories

    What does it mean for a specific software (application, desktop environment) not to be in the repository of a distribution?

    I mean, I read some days ago that some distro (don't remember which) didn't have certain DE in its repository so it couldn't be used. But, is this so radical? If there is not, say, LXDE in the repository of the distro 'X', it means you will never, ever be able to use it on your distro? Or it means that that there in not a precompiled version of the app/DE/etc for the distro, but if you download the source and compile it you will be able to use it?

    I'm a little confused with the repositories, so if anyone could give me some explanation (in addition to answering the questions above ) I would deeply appreciate it.

    Thanks for your help

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    The easiest method for installing software (especially for new linux users) is to use the default package manager/tool for your distribution. That tool will fetch the package from your listed repositories and install it. If the desired package is not found in the repository, you can always install the package from source, but then you won't be able to manage that package with your default package tool and will have to deal with it manually should you wish to remove it. You can find some info on installing packages from source tarballs here:

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