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    FTP server to automatically send files to client

    Hi Guys,
    SERVER -> Linux Fedora 12
    DUT -> could be based on any platform.

    I want to test the DUT for transferring of files to and from the server.

    I can easily test the scenario when client wants to upload and download the files from the server.

    What I want is suppose there is a GUI on server side and executing command on GUI , the server automatically sends the file to the client side and record the download or upload logs . I don't want client to initiate the transaction.
    is this is possible ?

    Please share your thoughts. Thanks and regards, Sam

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    For sending and receiving files in automated way there is already a very good product called Jitterbit, is opensource and runs in linux or windows. There use to be a free and commercial edition. It seems now they are all commercial with a 30 day free trial. It does not only handles file transfers but xml data formatting also , it is very flexible

    Oh, it seems that the community (free) version is still available : Jitterbit - Open Source Integration | Free Communications software downloads at

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    Thanks arespi . I will look into and let you know whether it suits my requirements.
    Thanks again for reply and suggestion

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    In practice you can't send files to a computer that hasn't been configured to accept them. And in the Linux world, if now client has initiated a session and provided a channel back, that means there's a server running on the system you want to "push" data to.

    If your requirement is that a server be able to "push" data to an IP address that had previously connected as a client, and you can't control the software running on that IP address, then I don't think it's possible in the general case.

    One last thing to add... If you CAN get software installed on all the potential "push" targets, then there are options to making this work. But you'll end up installing a server of some kind that waiting for incoming connections or perhaps periodically "checks in" to see if there's new data to download.
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    Thanks cnamejj for replying. I am wondering is there is any way i can transfer files or measure throughput of DUT if on server side we know the MAc Address of DUT.
    Below are a bit description about the project and my requirement.
    Please throw some light on it.

    Description of project->I have a testtool to which DUT connects. The testtool has an accesspoint in it and once DUT get connected to it via mac address we check RSSI and some other features of wifi of DUT. Now I am wondering is there is any way I can meaure throughput of Device under test via mac address of DUT from server side.

    Testool has LINUX fedora 11 in it and major coding is done in c/C++ and json command.

    Previously I have tried to install ftp server on testtool and DUT can connect to it and we can meaure the throughput or data transfer rate, but this is not feasible solution as it requires lot of intervention from DUT.

    What I am interested in is
    1) To run some script on server side /testtool and it gives me throughput of bandwidth of connected device may be via mac addressof DUT OR
    2) Server script transfer some files/packets to DUT and we can meaure the throughput. Coding is not a major challenge at this stage , I just need some tool which requires minimum intervention from DUT.

    Thanks and reagards,

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