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    Question A little assistance - General Linux question (Im using BackTrack5)

    I have a questions about linux in general, but specifically im using BackTrack5. But im unsure on how to edit a script and save it via the Konsole.

    Here is what im trying to do QUOTE "just add this line : su -c root startx
    in /etc/rc.local
    save and reboot your system" UN~QUOTE.

    How do i navigate to /etc/rc/local?

    And how and where do i add the said lines above? do i press a key to save it?

    I appreciate any help, Thanks alot

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    Hello and welcome to LF.o!

    You can check the following website for some quick and easy lessons on using the Linux command line and working with scripts: Learn the Linux command line. Write shell scripts.

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    sudo vi /etc/rc.local
    If I recall, Backtrack is Ubuntu based so you use sudo. The above command will open the file in the 'vi' text editor. If you don't know how to use 'vi', just replace 'vi' with the name of whatever text editor you use. You need root privileges to write to system files. As to where the lines should go, ?? don't know.

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    Backtrack eh? Hehe, trying to become a 1337 hax0r r we?

    yancek has it

    sudo vi /etc/rc.local

    When you see the contents, scroll to the bottom, press O (new line)

    su -c root startx

    press ESC then :wq

    colon, w, q (write, quit)

    Sry to steal your thunder yancek,

    good luck.

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