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    Internet Security with linux

    Used Linux before, got on with it very well. But, went back to Windows.
    I have had enough of windows , as its costing so much to keep all the different bits of software going.

    I, have one simple question. Do, I really need to install Internet Security Software as like windows or not.

    I am being told no as are the linux mags. Told, as long as you keep the distro upto date, then really there are no issues. This, is the only sticking point from me returning back to linux.
    Very uneasy, not using a system without security software installed.

    I, do like linux and the vast number of distro available, and would like to return.

    Everyone, able to give me an answer.

    Best wishes and happy new year

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    Linux has security best practices, just like any other operating system.

    What security software are you concerned about not running?

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    Hello and welcome!

    Check the short article linked below on Linux security to help you decide what security apps you might want to run, if any:

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    Windows was using, well know internet security package (Firewall, virus/spyware etc)
    Told, linux does not require this sort of protection, as long as you keep it updated etc.

    Thanks for reply

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    thanks oz, found your link to linux security very interesting and helpful.
    I, think I will install Linux in the next few days.

    Thanks very much

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