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    Newbie Wants to Learn

    Hello linuxforums =). So I'm new to this community. I've been interested in linux for a long time but as of now I'm still a windows user. =P

    Anyways I'm tired of dipping my toes in the Linux Pool and thinking the water is far too cold so I'm trying to dive in this time and get more than my feet wet. I need your help!

    Now you should know up front I've always been interested in hacking =P NO I'M NOT a CRIMINAL and NO I don't want to learn this to hurt people. As of right now I have over 16 years of experience repairing PC's at discount prices. I do this privately and save people a lot of money. Anyways I'm pretty good at PC repair. I have an extensive knowledge on this matter.

    Now you need to know that I'm interested in furthering my understanding of . . . . well PC's, but . . . . . So much more than that as well. I'm particularly interested in Linux because it advertises as a more secure set up than Windows and because it's free!!! Particularly GNU is free. I'm trying to become independent in my computer use these days. I no longer want to depend on someone to do all the hard work and send me the results via the world wide web. Anyways I'm probably dragging this introduction on far too long so I'll get down to business now.

    I am interested in the following.
    GNU (GNU's Not Unix)

    The above is kind of like the underlying make up of what I currently take for granted (World Wide Web)

    I'm also interested in picking up a programming language. I always have been. There are SO many options though.

    Anyways I can find information on this stuff for days just by searching the web. But you might know how to better direct my attention so I can learn this as quickly as possible. Here's what I'm trying to learn this for.

    I want to set up a computer that is Highly Secure along with my own email account that I don't have to share my personal information with to have. I want to be able to use said computer to call phones (Cell Phones, even LAN lines) and text cellphones as well. Basically I want to do all of this work myself so I don't have to continue paying someone to provide me these services. Furthermore I want to be able to take this knowledge and help others as much as I can (Or as much as they will let me).

    As it stands I can not get into college but I am absolutely determined not to let that stand in the way of my passion. So here is my request. This is only a request. Please provide a list of hyperlinks that will connect me to valuable information on the topics I've listed above. Please do not try to tell me I can't do some of these things because I won't believe you. and . . . . . . PLEASE someone help me decide on a Programming Language. After I decide I'll take it from there but I don't know enough to make a decision that's my main problem. Thanks in advance to anyone willing to help and I will read through whatever information you provide. You will not be wasting your time.

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    sorry im nota programer, i have none of the techinical info...

    but just fyi incase your new to the hole internet thing... the VOIP service provided by google, yahoo, skype, etc, etc... are all free from client to client, and free txt from client to cellphones, but cost a very very small fee for calls to cell and landline. almost free incompairon to anything else. I havnt looked at it of late i know everyting inflates over time in this economy.., but im talkin really cheap, it actuallly use to be free to call anwere US and CAD, dunno if you live elsewere.

    also dunno what you mean about email... thats free tooo

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    Well I have a lot of knowledge on those particular systems. What I'm looking for is independence from the software and the ability to create my own. The cheapest way to call a phone right now in the U.S. that I know of is Magic Jack. I still resort to it. Skype is entirely free if you aren't making calls to phones. If I remember correctly Yahoo has an ability to send SMS text to a cell phone. But I have a project in mind as is the norm when I become bored with what I already know. I want to use free software this time around. I want just about everything I do to include open source software and of course I want to be able to contribute just as much as I take advantage of this software.

    I have the Machine . . . . . I have Ubuntu on it Latest Version. I want to learn the Terminal GNU (as I never learned DOS on Windows.) This computer has not once connected to the internet. Basically I want to build up some of my own programs to do things that Skype, Yahoo IM, and my Magic Jack do. I want them to be free which means I have to build them. I want a lot of things I guess lol and I'm working on learning them all. However I guess at this point to narrow things down I'm looking for a Mentor who can teach me what I need to know about TCP/IP and IPtables so I can program my own Firewall. I am not entirely a newbie but I need direction to achieve my Computer Dreams. IPtables is at the very top of my list at this point. I won't connect this beautiful piece of equipment to the internet until I feel assured that I have a wonderful firewall set up on IPtables. So please someone help.

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    Here is a link to an IPTables HOWTO to get you started.
    "I'm just a little old lady; don't try to dazzle me with jargon!"

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    For what you want to learn and what you want to accomplish I would recommend learning python first as a scripting language. I think that would be a great start. You would want to learn more than one and eventually. I would also recommend c/c++ and ruby.

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    Hmmm very confusing.. If you, as I see you are very confused. Also your confusing us here.
    How can anyone make a recommendation of what language to learn to program when you dont know what you wan t to program.
    I mean is it protocols, games, database, applications ( the list goes on)

    Do you want to sit down at a desk and monitor systems. then you need to go on Novell or MS courses.
    Do you want to be awake all night breaking down algorythms and scouring others code to see how they done it.....(Very addictive)
    more help
    When you come back to the forum with a more direct question you will get more help.

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    Am also a newbie & someone gave me a pointer to "RUTE" as the best way to start learning.....I have downloaded it to my laptop & started with the very basics...but I noticed advanced sections on TCP/IP & Firewalls there maybe a good place to start.

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    python would be a good choice

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