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    quick one about cp and mv commands

    hi guys,

    when copying or moving files or directories using cp or mv

    do you have to be in that working directory (be where the files or dirs are that you want to copy) whats the quickest way to do this as i find some paths really there a trick or secret to doing this?


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    No. You can be anywhere the file system and use absolute paths (starting from the root). Personally, I usually end up in the destination directory so I can simply use . to mean to here
    cp -R /home/someuser/filesinareallylongdirectoryname/to/copy .
    however the tab key is your friend when typing at the command line. Enter the first few characters and press tab...
    cp -R /home/some<TAB>/fil<TAB>/to/copy .
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    thanks for that man...this truly is the best forum i have ever laid my fingers on...

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