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    Someone plz report a bug for me.

    I don't know how and where to report bugs and hope you guys can help me out. But I've found a bug and would like the distro to correct it in their next release. I had seen this bug in Ubuntu 11.04 and now I'm also seeing it in Mint OS Nadia.

    Here's the bug: In Mint, it is impossible to type "ଯ" (Unicode 0B2F) because it doesn't have a dedicated key. In most Indian Keyboard that follows Inscript dedicated the "/" key (the key next to the right shift) to this letter. So pressing / key alone should write "ଯ" and pressing Shift+/ should write "ୟ" (Unicode 0B5F). But this doesn't happen in Mint or Ubuntu. In Mint/Ubuntu, pressing / key alone writes "ୟ" and pressing Shift+/ types (at). Since ଯ and ୟ character look similar, the programmer might've got it confused.

    How to reproduce: Turn on Oriya Inscript, Press Shift+/. It should print ୟ, but it prints (at) instead.

    Since, the forum thinks I'm spamming, I can't type the symbol (at)
    Its the symbol that isused in e-mail address, like someone(at)gmail(dot)com

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    Quote Originally Posted by annadaprasad View Post
    I don't know how and where to report bugs and hope you guys can help me out.

    It looks like Linux Mint bugs are supposed to be reported at the following linked webpage:

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