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    Code::Blocks and Linux?

    I've just started using Linux and have moved from Windows XP as I'm doing some C++ programming and building open source software from time to time. Adapting it to windows (of which I have limited experience) is driving me mad and I know Linux provides a great platform for this kind of thing so I'm switching over. Pretty happy with it so far but I'm not basing that on allot just yet.

    I want to install Code::Blocks but the latest version of Ubuntu 12.10 doesn't seem to accept it if you know what I mean. From what I can see I'll need to install debian and RedHat instead unless I'm interpreting things incorrectly. What is Redhat like? Is it as user friendly as Ubuntu?

    I want to keep using the Linux Kernal but was wondering if there is anyone who can suggest what the best Linux interface/operating system would be for programming and building open source software . I also want to be able to do usual stuff on it like use spreadsheets and write documents etc. I know I'm expeciting allot but I have no doubt there's an open source solution here?


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    818 had "debian" packages. Ubuntu is based on debian, so you should be able to install the debian package. I do not use Ubuntu so I can not tell you how to install a package that you have downloaded to your machine.

    Maybe someone can help you with that step.

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    Have you tried
    sudo apt-get install codeblocks
    as the package name doesn't have the :: in it. It's in the Universe repository which I don't think is enabled by default (see here)
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    You could always just download the source and compile code::blocks yourself that is what I did for my debian install. The source file should include a readme or install file telling your what to do if your not familiar on how to compile via the command line

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