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    Very New, hoping for help


    I am hoping someone can help. i'm trying to figure out how to find files with 30 references in a place called /usr/bin.
    This is part of a college course and i'm slow in understanding things.

    any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Hello and welcome!

    Sorry, but homework/coursework questions are not permitted on the forum:

    Post what you've tried so far and someone might be able to give pointers on that.

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    I'm sorry about that, i should've read the rules better.
    I have tried find and grep /usr/bin....not sure what to do is my problem.

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    What exactly was the problem presented to you?
    Have you looked at the man pages for those commands?
    man find
    man grep

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    If you mean hard links then have a read through this page which is not a complete solution to your problem but will get you close enough that a browse through the man pages mentioned should get you the rest of the way.
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    No I have not tried the man pages but I'll check them out.
    The problem presented to me is to find out if any files have 30 or more references in /usr/bin.
    Thanks for the tip, I will check the man pages.

    thanks for the link, I'll go through everything and just keep plugging away.

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