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    Need to add a new line between string of numbers and letters

    I have a file that reads something like:

    I need to insert a new line between where the numbers end and the letters start:

    The string of letters I need to separate from the numbers only include the letters A, T, C, and G, if that helps. Also, I need to make sure the number stays with the ">NM" or ">NR".

    Any way to do this using sed or any other Linux capable command (doesn't matter which)?

    Thank you.

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    Look up the sed command: man sed. This will let you do that quite nicely. It is designed to process strings like that - generating output files from input files with string substitution. I use it to generate CSV files from OpenTSDB data for our analytics group. The methodology for what you want is very similar. The substitution string would be something like this: s/N[MR][0-9]*/&\n/
    Try experimenting a bit. Since you only need one pattern match on each line, this should work just fine. In my example I had to match multiple elements on a line, some the same, and others not, so I had to use sed loop constructs. I did that by creating a bash script that wrote a local sed script to the directory where the data needed to go, and piped the data into sed using the temporary script, then deleted the script when done. As I said, your situation is a lot simpler, so you should not need to go to those extremes.

    So, I think you were on the right tracking thinking that sed would work for this.
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