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    How do you clean up Linux and why?

    In windows you have a program called Diskcleanup. You can also add on other utilities like Ccleaner. I have been wondering If or what programs in Linux does the samething for the Linux system. Also How often a person should do it? I've already discovered on my system two programs for cleaning up stuff. But as far as what they are cleaning and if it is good or not, I don't know. The One program is called Janitor. The other I found in the ubuntu software center. It is called: Bleachbit. My goal here is to get rid of Cache and other unneeded stored information. Also on Windows I use CCleaner to get rid of flash cookies. How do you do that on Linux?

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    I don't have a lot of confidence in "cleanup" apps, so I keep my own boxes cleaned manually, mostly by not installing unneeded things in the first place, and I'm careful to note what gets installed where so that I can remove anything later determined as not needed/wanted. I also keep plenty of system images on hand that can be restored if things should get too far out of hand.

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    Just a swift clean with a brush on the keyboard and mouse and then a touch of windex in the screen also, I think it is all that is needed.

    Yes, I know what you meant in the first place, but as Oz said, you can remove things manually. I find it a lot easier than in a windows system.

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    I am not trying to remove programs.

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    Then what are you trying to do? The disk cleanup programs in windows just remove files left over from uninstalled software and temp internet files mostly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gregoryshock View Post
    I am not trying to remove programs.
    The default package tool for your distro is usually the best way to remove any programs/applications, and that's what I use for that purpose. For other cleanup, I do it manually as indicated earlier. I prefer the added control that manual cleanup gives me, plus it eliminates the need for one more application.

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    In Windows I clean this stuff up for two reasons.
    It makes the system run better.
    2 for privacy. I know you can clear the Fire Fox cache as well with other browsers. But a program like ccleaner gives you a deeper clean. It removes other traces from your system as well. I like to sit down at a computer that is clean of anything I had done with it the day or night before. Only what I put in bookmarks is the records I want to keep. Granted sometimes those other records come in handy, like when I need to shut down quick and go some place. Or maybe when I experience a crash and need to get back to something quickly. But other then that, they just clutter up space.

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    Look into using Bleachbit since no mention of distro being used was mentioned.

    Edit: by the way. I deleted my previous post on what I do to slim down space on my 4gig SSD / install partition of AntiX on my eeepc 900 because 1 slip of the knife and you will find payback is a medivac.
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    I believe bleachbit will take care of number 2 for you (link) and as far as lso (flash cookies) go, I prefer not to let them in to my system in the first place. In a terminal do the following

    cd ~
    mv .macromedia saved-evil
    ln -s /dev/null .macromedia
    This does the following:
    Change to your home directory
    Save your existing hidden macromedia directory to something sarcastically named
    Create a hidden macromedia symlink to /dev/null/ which will throw away anything written to it!

    When you are happy that things are working, you can throw away the saved directory.
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    +1 to manual cleaning.
    I prefer to install only what is wanted or needed so as to avoid leftover junk.

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