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    Which distro to circumvent Ubuntu spyware?

    I've read people's concerns with Ubuntu's breach of users' privacy, and I am in full agreement. I support GNU's philosophy, and I would like to use a GNU-endorsed distro, but sadly my video card (HD 4850) does not have 3D acceleration support with free software, and I really want to use GNOME 3. In fact, I want to use the very latest version of GNOME 3 (3.8), which doesn't seem possible except on a distro that is compatible with Ubuntu repositories (specifically, the GNOME 3 PPA on launchpad[dot]net).

    Also, if it's of importance, this article specifically identifies 3.8 as being available to users of Ubuntu 13.04:
    ht tp://www .webupd8. o rg/2013/03/gnome-38-beta-available-in-ppa-for.html

    So what would be ideal would be an Ubuntu fork that follows GNU's "free system distribution guidelines," that I can then ruin (sorry) by getting my video card functioning and installing GNOME 3.8. (At the very least, I want Ubuntu's breaches of privacy to be removed by default, which I read requires more than simply removing the shopping lens package.)

    By the way, you can probably tell that I don't really understand what a distro is, which is almost certainly why I'm so confused about everything. (I think I understand the basics, like that it includes a kernal installer, libraries, preloaded applications, and a repository of endorsed apps. But I don't understand why it would be a bad idea to use another distro's repository.)

    So far, I've found:

    • I can't tell if this is based on the latest Ubuntu or not, and the FAQ reports that it will be based on Debian starting with gNewSense 3.

    Linux Deepin
    • Same issue with the version info, and I really don't need a dumbed down Linux experience, if that would even matter after updating to GNOME 3.8.

    • Same issue with version info.

    I am currently using Debian wheezy (as of a couple days ago), and I've used various distros in the past for moderate periods of time, although it's been a few years.

    Thanks for any help offered!
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    A couple of good beginner distros are Mint and Mageia. You can see some more here.
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    I would go for Mint personally, the Cinnamon Desktop is awesome too.

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    You can always install ubuntu from the minimal install CD. Google around for the directions to install a bootable core system. This will get you a few very basic tools to start building with which will include none of the spyware crap included in the standard releases. Then you can build it out from scratch knowing exactly what is in it and conforming to any needs as you see fit. That's the great thing about linux; it's like legos: you can build almost anything you can imagine. Personally, I don't think this is too big an undertaking even for someone new to *nix. Heck, I did it and I'm so green I still sweat sap. Besides, you'll learn a lot. And even though ubuntu has done some crappy stuff lately they are still by far the easiest for new people to learn on and have tons of tools for building out your own version.

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