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    User account management, Please Help

    Hi, I'm new on Linux, well, I want to make two user accounts on my desktop, Ubuntu distribution, Yes, i know i can make two accounts simply, But i want several features, have a look :

    1 : I want to make only one password for root.
    2 : I want if a user installs any program, another user would be able to use it, by default.
    3 : Is it possible to make one root password, and each user can put his customize password(not root password).
    4 : If any other nice suggestion you have, then please give me to make user accounts, another user is my brother so i don't have any privacy problem, I can share root password, but in any case I may need to protect my user folder only, I don't want that i will install gimp and skype twice on my computer, If anyone can help, I'll be thankful.

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    1) That is the default. Each user, including root, has a password (or purposely an invalid one)
    2) As long as you stay with the native package manager, this is the case. Binaries can be used by any user, specific config will be in the respective $HOME
    3) See 1) But in case you mean: Each user shall be able to act as root: Have a look at
    man sudo
    4) Creating users:
    man useradd
    Protecting your $HOME: That is a bit of a problem. As your brother also has root via root password and/or sudo config, he can freely do whatever he wants, including reading/writing to your $HOME
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    You can add your brother to the sudoer group and that will allow him to be able to use sudo. In a terminal do the following:
    sudo usermod -aG sudo <username>
    replace the <username> with your brother's username. Now if he wants to install something, such as gimp, he would have to type:
    sudo apt-get install gimp
    The DOWNSIDE to this is sudo is a command that lets a user run the following commands as root. He could type
    sudo su
    and become root. Once he is root he is lord and master of your system. Personally I would discourage this. But if you are intent on this, you can encrypt either your home directory or just a specific directory so that he cannot view your content.

    Hopefully this helps.

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