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    hi, new guy here.

    Hi I just joined today and have some questions. Fist off a little about why I am here.

    I enjoy tinkering with android based smart phones. I am told that what you can learn of programming with linux with directly correlate to the android os. Being very similar if not the same at its core. I want to start developing custom roms for them and again am tild the best way to do so is on a linux based pc. I just inherited my late mother in laws dinosaur pc. The most I can tell you about it is it runs windows2k pro and has a 56k voice modem. So no internet on it yet. I am looking to upgrade everything in it as I get the disposable cash to do so. Im in the middle of restoring a motorcycle and swapping a transmission in my wifes freestyle , $5000 cvt transmission. Doing some repairs on my house.

    At this time I just want to get a distro running on it to learn on that will easily roll with my upgrades later. I downloaded zorin os 6.2 32bit I have tried several programs to burn it to a 2gig usb stick with always a cannot format usb or format to fat32. I also tried to burn it to a cd and that failed also not enough space on the cd. I chose zorin because it was said to be kid friendly. To me kid friendly= easy for an adult to learn with. The only thing I have done is downloaded it from the zorin website and the transfered via usb to the old pc that has a cdrw drive and tried to burn it to the cd. Should I unzip this file first? Is there a program I can downkoad that handles this task better? The install instructions dont say to do more than burn it to a disk. The file I downloaded was I think 1.6? Gigs and the cds I have only hold 700mb. Without a new thumb drive I dont suppose itll go usb unless there is a way to get this one working.

    My wife wont let me use her pc to try to solve this so im working with the dinasaur and a netbook that runs on win xp. The cdrw drive is usb and can be moved from the pc to the netbook.

    I would greatly appreciate any help in getting this little experiment going. If I can get it running and its fun to do I may be switching from a manufacturing career to a comouter programming career. Tech schools are always looking for students and I know one where the instructors are great and therye building a campus 2 miles from my house due to open fall quarter.

    Can anyine help a newjie out? Ive googled a lot and most tutorials are 2+ years old and I honestly dont have the time to spend hours trying different programs to solve my problem. I am ooen to suggestions on which linux distro to be use and how to load it. I plan on removing windows from that pc as soon as I load a linux distro to it.

    Thanks in advance for your time in help in leading me to a solution.

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    Hello and Welcome to the forums.
    I would suggest that you have a look at Puppy Linux. It's a lot smaller and it'll fit on a CD or USB drive and the best part may be the fact that it runs on older machines.
    Puppy Linux Community Home - Getting Started
    If you want to stick with Zorin, that's fine but get your hands on some blank DVD's and use those to burn Zorin.
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    Welcome to the forum. If Puppy doesn't suit you, try Lubuntu, AntiX, Crunchbang, or SliTaz. has a search feature which will let you search for distro's for older computers. Enjoy the journey.
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    Im not tied to a distro. I have just already downloaded zorin. Ill be downloading puppy I suppose. Just trying to get my foot in the door with linux. Something easy and since the comp is old something to make it a little more useable for my purpose.

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    Hi pheonixfriend,

    If you are used to windows, Linux Mint or Ubuntu are OK as they are the ones I used to swap from Microsoft to Linux. They're big installs and you need a DVD writer and blank single layer 4.7 gb disks for it....

    I hope you enjoy the change. I know I was relieved.

    Got more to learn but doing so much better now after not too much time.

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    I was able to download and burn puppy to a cd and it booted automatically. No bios changes. It seems to be working well. For as much as I can do with the computer. Does the cd have to stay in the drive while using or can I remove it to play a cd? Also with it being a dial uo modem is there a way I can tether it to my laptop to check the video drivers? Also if everything runs well how can I delete windows and move puppy from a live cd onto the hdd and have it as the only os on the hdd?

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    Puppy is running in ram so you can eject the cd.

    I just inherited my late mother in laws dinosaur pc. The most I can tell you about it is it runs windows2k pro and has a 56k voice modem
    Not enough info to recommend another distro. The pc may not be strong enough to run Zorin (I advise against Zorin. Too many bad posts about it) I think Lubuntu may suit you instead of Zorin.
    LXDE has a windows newby feel to it.

    PuppyLinux: Installation Index
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    I managed to find a guide on the puppy linux home page and get puppylinux loaded to the hard drive as a stand alone os. No windows on this dinosaur.

    It doesnt seem to recognize my mouse or keyboard this time. I tried rebooting and the keyboard works but the mouse does not. It worked when using the live cd. Its a fellows two button with the big trackball up top.

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    Ok so i booted up my pc this morning after work and behold the mouse works. Would anyone be able to explain that one? is it going to be a craps shoot on whether my mouse works each time i boot? also is there a way to use my netbook with wifi as a modem for my pc which has a dial up modem? there are some programs that i need for compiling android roms that i need. i can download them to my phone then to my laptop then to my usb thimb drive and get them to the computer that way but what a hassle.
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    Would anyone be able to explain that one
    Old PC. Funky connection on old hardware maybe. I would not sweat it. It is not like you are using a brand spanking new pc.

    also is there a way to use my netbook with wifi as a modem for my pc which has a dial up modem
    Don't know the answer to that. If me. I would invest the couple of dollars for a ethernet card or if laptop. PCMCIA etherent card.
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