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    csh bash command difference?

    Can anybody list what's different on writing a csh command vs Bash command?

    for example:

    on bash: find . -name "*"
    list all files

    on csh: find . -name '*'
    This is annoy since almost all information on internet is base on bash.

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    Quote Originally Posted by truelies View Post
    on bash: find . -name "*"

    on csh: find . -name '*'
    On my system (tcsh 6.13.00, bash 3.00.15 on RHEL 4.x) there is no difference among these combinations:

    # /bin/csh
    # find /tmp -name "*" > ~/aa
    # find /tmp -name '*' > ~/bb
    # diff -s ~/aa ~/bb
    Files aa and bb are identical
    # /bin/bash
    # find /tmp -name "*" > ~/cc
    # find /tmp -name '*' > ~/dd
    # diff -s ~/cc ~/dd
    Files cc and dd are identical
    # diff -s ~/aa ~/cc
    Files aa and cc are identical
    Look at a list of compiled differences in commands and syntax here.

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    When you are just typing commands into a terminal, it really doesn't matter which shell you use. The real difference comes when you are writing shell scripts that contain conditions or loops. Bash and csh have quite different syntax for those things.
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