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    How can I run this command in terminal?

    Hello all,

    I am try to run in terminal the files located inside of the URL:

    mainly the Tic-Tac-Toe Application in C++. Click one and you find

    //Compile and link with wsock32.lib

    located at the top of source code. I know to run a C++ program by inputting g++ [name].cpp -o [name]

    but do need help in "//Compile and link with wsock32.lib"

    What exactly I type in the terminal to this? Thank you, and I apologize for my poor English.

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    I think the problem you will run into is that it uses the winsock library which is a windows only library. You might be able to find a port of winsock but I am not 100% sure if one exists.

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    WinSock is a port of the "FreeBSD sockets" and all Unix and Linux flavors have the sockets library (in see include "socket.h").

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