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    Software for DVD multiboot?

    Hi all,
    how do I create a linux dvd multiboot? I've downloaded some programs, but they don't work

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    You don't need any specific software. All you need is an installed Linux system. The basic process is:
    1. Download the iso and verify it is good with md5sum or sha.
    2. Create a directory in which to extract the iso.
    3. Loop mount (extract) to the directory you created.
    4. Copy all the files from this directory to a second directory you created where you have write permissions.
    You can create a multiboot CD/DVD/flash to boot with isolinux, grub legacy or grub2 so you need to decide which to use.
    You will need to repeat the process for each distribution, download, check, loop mount (extract) and copy to a new directory.
    When you copy additionals iso files you need to make sure that they do not have the same folders/files in the same location as the second will overwrite the first.
    Using this process, you will need to create your own boot file. If you decide to use isolinux (which most distributions use to boot CD/DVDs), you can simply copy entries from the second distro isolinux.cfg to the first isolinux.cfg file.
    If you use Grub Legacy, you need to create a menu.lst or grub.conf file and have the stage2_eltorito file in boot grub.
    If you use Grub2, you need to create your own grub.cfg file and copy all the grub files to the /boot/grub directory in the folder you copied the folder/files to. Make sure there is a 'torito' file, the last version of Ubuntu I used it was eltorito.img but it may be different now.kwrite

    With grub2, you can use grub-mkrescue command to create the iso, With isolinux or grub
    legacy, use mkisofs or genisoimage.

    You need to understand the process to be able to do it on your own. The above is a
    general description of what needs to be done. You haven't given any specifics so
    there isn't any way to go into more detail . What software did you try to use and
    what problems did you have with it? Some software works alright with some systems.
    If you are looking for something you can use with just a few mouse clicks, good luck.

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    Try YUMI (www dot pendrivelinux dot com/yumi-multiboot-usb-creator)

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    yancek, I didn't get how to do it. Can you explain me what I have to do step by step please?

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    My earlier post was a bit cryptic but you didn't really give much information on what you want to do or which distributions of Linux you would like on your multiboot DVD. I have a DVD with ten different distributions/utilities on it. The method you use will depend on what your want on the DVD. For example, if you want different Ubuntu derivative, you can simply copy the iso files to a folder, put the grub2 files in a /boot folder, create a grub.cfg file (based on a grub.cfg from an installed system) and then create an iso with the grub-mkrescue program. There are other ways to do it, I usually use Grub Legacy or Grub2 for DVD/flash.

    So my question is, what do you want on it?

    Did you try Yum1? What else have you tried and what happened?

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    I want differents distributions on it, 3 Ubuntu based, 1 Fedora, 1 Debian and Linux Elive (I don't know from wich one is based). I'm a really newbie so I'm tryng different distrs and to do some experiments to learn how to create multiboots, recoveries, etc...

    If you have enough patience I'd like to learn to do it manually, but I'll need some explanation step by step. I've tried with a program called Sardu, but it only create multiboot dvds with some default OS and not from the iso file. Then I tried with MagicIso from Windows, but the multiboot only work with "load from HD" and "reboot" commands, it doesn't load the iso files (it seems that it doesn't reconize the boot loaders or something like that). I have no idea how to create a grub.cfg file, but maybe I'll learn it from a website. I'll search for it.

    For now let me know what do you think is the best way to create a multiboot DVD. Thanks

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