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    Anyone know Awk scripting

    Im new here and not sure if this is a good forum to seek help with an awk script.

    The other forum I was on Is not as populated as I thought so I figured I would try here. I have here a partial copy of my post.

    On another note I need to try and learn some awk math. I need to figure out what percentage of total logins on the server are done by user1

    var1=`last | grep user1 | wc -l`
    var2=`last | wc -l`
    user1p=`echo $var1 $var2 | awk '{print 100 * ($1 / $2)}'`

    I am getting an error on the first line on the first backtick

    it says invalid char '`' in expression, im fairly sure i should be using backticks there. any suggestions?

    Thank you,


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    welcome to the forum

    try something like this:

    export a="`last | grep user1 | wc -l` `last | wc -l` "
    echo $a | awk ' { printf ("%3f\n", $1/$2)}'

    the best source for info about awk is "The Awk Programming Language," by Aho, Kernighan and
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    Im using vim and got these errors doesnt make any sense, when I tried my basic attempt at a script I had some weird errors like these as well when the syntax does look correct.
    Sorry Im still pretty noob at this.

    $ awk -f awkscript22
    awk: awkscript22:2: export a="`last | grep elschemm | wc -l`"
    awk: awkscript22:2: ^ syntax error
    awk: awkscript22:3: echo $a | awk '{printf("%3\n", $1/$2)}'
    awk: awkscript22:3: ^ syntax error
    awk: awkscript22:3: echo $a | awk '{printf("%3\n", $1/$2)}'
    awk: awkscript22:3: ^ invalid char ''' in expression

    when I run it in the command line

    $ export a="`last | grep user1 | wc -l`" echo $a | awk '{printf("&3\n", $1/$2)}'
    -bash: export: `875': not a valid identifier
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    after you say
    u need to say.
    export var1
    same with var2..
    this worked for me.

    echo $var1 $var2| awk '{print 100 * ($1 / $2)}'

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    $ user=`last | grep laks | wc -l`
    $ total=`last | wc -l`
    After retrieving values , you can use -v option to pass bash variable to awk.

    echo | awk -v "U=$user" -v T="$total" '{print 100*U/T}'
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