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    Question Cannot change resolution above default. Intel 965 Express, X3100


    I have a quite old laptop, with an Intel integrated gfx card, 965 Express Chipset Family, X3100.

    Currently I have a USB key and a few linux distros (Crunchbang 11, Fuduntu 2013.1, Mint 14, Manjaro, Snowlinux 4 and Fedora 1 to try, but whenever I boot in Live mode (with any of them), it doesnt allow me to set it to my full resolution, 1280x800, only 1024x768 or lower.

    After searching, linux should be ready out-of-the-box for this old thing. Shouldn't it?
    As far as I've read and searched myself, it doesnt create a xorg.conf where I could change something..or maybe I just cant find it.

    Also, I have another laptop (about the same age) and it has a VIA or something integrated graphics, and it works perfectly in Live-mode.

    I have used UNetBootin and LinuxLive USB creator (LiLi), both have the same result.

    And what I noticed when trying Snowlinux - the part when loading (blue and white bar at the bottom) is in the full resolution, but at the end of loading it sets it to a lower resolution.

    How can this be fixed (set the OS display resolution to 1280x800)?

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    Boot into any of the Linux flavors, and run the xrandr command. That lists the available screen resolutions that Linux can see. The entry with a '+' after it is the preferred mode, and a '*' after it shows the current mode. The xrandr command can also be used to set a specific resolution.

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    So if the xrandr command lists 1280x800 as an available resolution, set that resolution with this command:

    xrandr -s 1280x800

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    It doesn't show any other resolutions, just the default ones (1024x768, 800x600..).

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    Perhaps the Intel driver will fix that problem.

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    Ok, so I managed to install Fedora on my USB stick. Still not recognizing 1280x800.

    I installed the drivers, didn't help. I tried to add a new mode to xrandr through Terminal, does not work. Also, I generated a new xorg.conf file, but I don't know what is what in there, what would I need to change to get my resolution.

    Any other suggestions that I might try?

    Oh, and the resolution on Grub is as needed - 1280x800, so it's a problem in Fedora (and other Linux distros).

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    I tried setting a new Resolution from the ThomasMcA link, added it to VGA1 (it put it there automatically, so I just went with it), it sort of changed the resolution, I could notice it, but there still is a black bar on the right side and the bottom is messed up aswell.

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