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    As mentioned above, Fedora is a test bed for future options in RH. Not all of the software will make it into a release of RHEL, and a cutting edge distro does run the chance of something going wrong during a standard system update.

    As you are looking to get into the Admin game, CentOS would be the best choice. It's a system that is tried and tested, and is already capable of running on a corporate server with high marks on stability.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dexinthecity View Post
    So why not recommend Fedora instead of Centos? Sorry for all the questions.
    Centos is a rebuild (minus branding and Red Hat Network and paid for support) of the actual operating system that seems to be most commonly used in server rooms.

    As for resources... Learn the Linux command line. Write shell scripts. and should take you all the way from a beginner to doing some fairly advanced stuff.

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