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    Need help to return after prompting...

    So I am fairly new to linux and I am using the PuTTy program. I have an assignment I am stuck with for a week and no other forum seems to understand what I am trying to get at.

    So this is what I did, I set the primary prompt but I could not figure out how to go back, I tried typing cd ~ but it didn't go back to the path so I can type more codes but instead it typed inside the prompt...

    home ~ $ PS1='\(at sign) \w > '
    06:55 PM ~ >
    06:56 PM ~ > cd
    06:57 PM ~ > cd ~

    I need to go to back to
    home ~ $

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    Not sure how you are doing this or exactly what you want to do. I'm guessing you want to edit the bash prompt? Take a look at the site below for numerous examples:

    How to: Change / Setup bash custom prompt (PS1)

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    No not really, I'm passed that. I just want to go back to

    " home ~ $ "

    so I can type other codes.

    Because in the state I am, I cannot do anything else because I am still inside the prompt and don't know how to go out.

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    Nvm I figured it out. I set the prompt wrong, needed the $ behind.
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