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    Lightbulb command line security questions

    hi guys

    i have created a folder on root called data
    and in there i have a folder called linux_project

    i am creating text files in this folder (using touch command) and editing them with vim
    i have created a file called commands (where im planning to list commands im using / learning etc)

    im planning to eventually get apache running (can apache be completely setup/configured/managed through a command line?) and document all what i have learned so far like an intranet sort of thing for myself...anyway

    i cant save my files in vim as i get an error message...i googled the error and its a permissions thing.

    which of the following is best:

    always use the sudo command before doing what i want to do
    (i have managed to add my account to the sudoers list)

    always use the root account to do what i want to do (i dont think so!!!)

    set the group of folders permissions (add my account to a group and applythe groups permissions on my folders i want to use)

    sorry its a silly question...whats the best way to handle this

    thanks for always

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    Well, if it was just for me I'd keep it in my home directory as that is the simplest and probably most secure. Otherwise I would create a group and add the users I wanted to give access to it and then chgrp the folder.

    For more fine grained control I would consider access control lists.
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    yes you make perfect sense...i dont know why i just never thought of the home folder duh!!! but i am here to learn and experiment so im going the group way and will also look at ACL's thanks again!!!

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