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    atomic64 on i386 arch

    This could be a basic question.
    I am using an atomic64_t variable for a counter in a kernel module. This compiled fine on x86_64 machines but not on i386, so included the atomic64_32.h header :

    if defined(__i386__)
    #include <asm/atomic64_32.h>

    This is helping to get the module compiled but fails to load the module saying the atomic64_* symbols are not found?
    Unknown symbol atomic64_inc
    Unknown symbol atomic64_set

    What is the correct way to use atomic64_t types in a kernel module?

    I tried looking up the exported kernel symbols and it does not list the atomic64* smbols both on i386 and x86_64 archs
    cat /proc/kallsyms | grep atomic64_inc

    I guess my basic understanding of kernel symbols and loading is poor. Please refer me to any good documentation if any.

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    Not having used these variable types, I can't say for sure, but if the module load fails, then the kernel is missing something. Check your kernel configuration. You may need to either change it to handle them, or to add them to your own module (type definitions, not declarations) to assure they are available for the dynamic kernel linker.
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