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    SED Command help

    Hi All,

    I need a really important help with SED Command. I am not good at sed and tried a couple of articles, but I was not able to find a solution. So need your help.

    I got a file with following text

    "2013-04-24:23:59:59"1366862383,XXXXXX,checkversion,XXXXXX, 2.0.10,XXXXXX,,,Microsoft,11806,,,,local,,,1,US"
    "2013-04-24:23:59:59"1366862398,XXXXXX,checkversion,XXXXXX, 2.0.10,XXXXXX,,,Microsoft,11806,,,,local,,,1,US"
    "2013-04-24:23:59:59"1366862395,XXXXXX,checkversion,XXXXXX, 2.0.10,XXXXXX,,,Microsoft,11806,,,,local,,,1,US"
    "2013-04-24:23:59:59"1366862397,XXXXXX,checkversion,XXXXXX, 2.0.10,XXXXXX,,,Microsoft,11806,,,,local,,,1,US"

    I want to filter this text to
    "2013-04-24:23:59:59,XXXXXX,checkversion,XXXXXX,2.0.10,XXXX XX,,,Microsoft,11806,,,,local,,,1,US"
    "2013-04-24:23:59:59,XXXXXX,checkversion,XXXXXX,2.0.10,XXXX XX,,,Microsoft,11806,,,,local,,,1,US"
    "2013-04-24:23:59:59,XXXXXX,checkversion,XXXXXX,2.0.10,XXXX XX,,,Microsoft,11806,,,,local,,,1,US"
    "2013-04-24:23:59:59,XXXXXX,checkversion,XXXXXX,2.0.10,XXXX XX,,,Microsoft,11806,,,,local,,,1,US"

    Which means I want to remove the numbers between second (") to the first (,).

    It would be grateful if anyone of you can help me with this.

    Thank you for your support/help.


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    sed -r s'/^(.*)\"([[:digit:]]*),(.*)$/\1,\3/'  < textfile
    Be aware, that the matching is not very precise.
    So depending on the data in the textfile, this regex is enough or not.

    Also, there is a difference in the input and output example, that you didnt mention:
    input : , 2.0.10,XXXXXX,
    output: ,2.0.10,XXXX XX,
    So there is a white space moving between columns.
    The regex does not address this.
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    Thank you very much for you help.

    It works perfectly as I needed.

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