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    Red face Building A Killer System

    First, an introduction. I'm 18, and I graduate from High-School in two days. There's only 3 kids here who really know that much about computers, so it can be difficult to find people interested in talking about this kind of stuff. Our tech coordinator is awesome, but this is her day off.

    Every once in a while when I have a few days to do it, I like to DBAN my laptop, reinstall windows, and test different setups to figure out which one I like best.

    Here's my hardware:

    Intel® Core™ i7-3610QM Processor
    17.3" Full HD Anti-reflective Display (16:9; 1920 x 1080)
    NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 670M discrete graphics (DDR5 3GB VRAM)
    128GB solid state drive + 500GB(7200rpm) hard drive
    12GB DDR3 1600MHz system memory
    DVD Super Multi
    USB 3.0 for high speed data transfer
    HDMI 1.4 (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) output
    Built-in 720p HD webcam
    802.11 b/g/ n Wireless LAN with Bluetooth

    Just so you get an idea.

    Anyways, since I'm going to college soon, I don't really want my laptop to get stolen, so I've been working on keeping my computer and files safe. At one point, I had it request the BIOS password on startup, had everything encrypted with Truecrypt, and a user password of course.

    Then I realized that none of that would help me if someone stole my laptop. So I got Prey; open-sourced theft recovery software. But it only works if someone is logged in.

    So in my new setup, I want to center it around a honeypot account. I put my real Windows 7 and Arch Linux partition on my C drive in a hidden TC volume, and then encrypt my documents/music/vids/games etc on the D drive. Then I put the honeypot OS (Windows 7) unencrypted on the D drive. At startup, I'll have TC say "Press esc to continue" and it'll boot to the unencrypted OS. There I could use Prey to get my laptop back.

    I'm also interested in "dark magic" if you may. I'm not a bad person, and I'm not someone who spreads viruses or tries to crash peoples systems for the lulz. But I've been researching things like Matruix Krypton, Megasploit, Dark Comet, and etc.

    I'm sorry, that was a bit of a tangent. My point being, I'm trying to become a super-prepared, protected, expert computer user. I've been trying to get into linux but I haven't had the time nor the effort to really give it a good try. Command line throws me off, I'm learning Java on the side but it isn't even close :\

    TL;DR I'm a above-average computer user looking to become an expert, but in this instance to build a killer system.


    I've drawn lots of diagrams trying to figure this out. I'll start fresh with a 128 SSD and a 500 HDD. I have 12G of RAM so I assume no swap is necessary?

    And three OS's? Two of which are hidden? What a mess. If I put the boot manager on the encrypted C drive, I assume if I type in the truecrypt password it'll take me to the boot manager then, otherwise if I press esc it'll take me to the honeypot?

    Also, do you think both a very large 7 partition and an average Arch partition will fit on a 128?

    I'm sorry if I'm rambling. This isn't really a question, I'm trying to find someone to talk to about this and ask questions to. Yes, I read the forums and this and that, but this seemed like kind of specific to my system.

    I also have a 12GB flash drive with I was planning on putting Backtrack Linux and BackBox Linux, maybe Matruix Krypton and definitely Trinity Rescue Kit on. If a system I'm using's BIOS is password protected, should I put a VM program on my flash drive as well?

    So many questions

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    Welcome to the forum. Try asking one question per post and we will try to help you answer your "So many questions."
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    Sounds as if a killer system already exists, by your specs. Prioritize, get back to us with the most pressing concern, and be discrete.
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    Sorry about that; sometimes I get a little excited.

    Right now I'm DBAN'ning my laptop (wiping all my drives). I have the latest Arch .iso burned to a disc and a totally and completely legit Windows 7 Ultimate (I like to splurge ). I want to fit both OS's and their main programs into my 128GB SSD. Is this possible? If so, how would you go about doing this in the correct way?

    I'd like to boot up to a boot menu where I can choose between my 7 and Arch. Eventually I'll encrypt these into a hidden volume, but more on that later. The difficulty I think is after I enter my Truecrpyt password I want it to take me to the bootloader, not to a specific OS.

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