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    Best set up for a persistent server


    I realize my post may have hit on too many points. It may perhaps be easier to ask two simple questions:

    1. What is the most stable linux distro I should consider using for my server?
    2. What packages/tools are available to allow remote access to the machine in order to complete remote admin tasks?

    Thanks! Hopefully these questions are more to the point and easier to answer


    Hi Folks,

    I have little to no experience with linux having only tinkered with OpenSUSE on my laptop for awhile, but I am planning a project come next weekend (as soon as finals are done) around setting up a server.

    I'm going to be away from home for a couple of months and wanted to set something up which would:

    1. Allow me to run servers (plex, minecraft, etc)
    2. have remote access to my network
    3. Not require a hard reset or my physical presence if something goes wrong and the box needs to be reset.

    The last one is what I am really struggling with. I currently run various things from my windows computer, however I know that it craps out about once every week or so and needs a hard reset, or needs me to log in to restart the services. I was hoping to get something set up that is more reliable, and even has the possibility to be reset/automatically log in if a reset happens (power outage for example)

    I know this is a very broad question and I hope I've narrowed things down enough but I thought I would throw it out there awhile before I get started on putting the box together as I'd like to get it all hammered out next weekend if at all possible.

    Thanks folks!

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    hello and welcome, Sanosuke!

    For a reliable distro, you'd do well to stick with one of the tried and true distros that has been around a while and has strong community support. To that end, I'd recommend, as a server, one of:

    1. CentOS

    2. Debian

    3. OpenSUSE

    For remote access from a shell (command line), use SSH, it is all you need. For GUI access, your best bet is probably VNC (there are many clients and servers), probably tunneled via SSH.

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