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    How does using linux affect your career and computer skills overall?

    Hey everyone, so I would really love to move to linux as my only OS, i had linux installed several times(different distros) But i always go back to windows. Sad, i know

    Anyway I'm really into computers, i like programming (even though i'm no good at any particular language) i like graphics and simply said i like tinkering with my computer both on hardware and software side.

    What I'm worried about how will this affect my career in this industry?

    Well from programming point of view it depends if i code websites or applications. I don't think it really matters in the first case but what about .NET there is pretty big amount of jobs for .NET developers.

    When we take a look on graphics on linux compared to other OS (by other i mean windows and apple's osx) Adobe products are standard. Period. Well there are ways for running adobe products on linux via wine but i don't like that idea anyway because if i did that it definitely wouldn't be legal copy Even though the gap between photoshop and gimp is getting thinner all the time still it's a standard and i'm worried if i get too comfortable in gimp i will forget my photoshop skills that i have right now... and i'm not sure how would gimp look on my resume :/

    The other thing... similar to the case above with adobe. Windows is standard, i've been using windows since i was 10 (18 now) and i can fix all my problems by myself (well with the help of the internet) And i plan on running my own computer store at some point in my life. But even if it won't come to that how can i troubleshoot windows when i will no longer keep up with their updates and new interfaces(i mean windows 8 is such a mess) Sure with the help of internet there shouldn't be much trouble but still, i don't want to end up googling all the time for some ****** software like windows

    anyway i hope this post is at least a little bit intelligible and i'm looking forward to your answers

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    IT pros I personally know view Widows as their 'bread and butter,' even though using another OS at home. Unless specializing in some aspect of IT where a niche exists, it may be wise to have two machines -- one for work and one for play. The same goes for the software running under each. Best wishes!
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    If not two machines, dual booting or using virtual software are possibilities.
    I've never used Photoshop and rarely use Gimp so don't know much about them. People I know who do use either prefer Photoshop. Just googling the prices for various version of Photoshop, I better be a hell of a lot better than Gimp.

    Windows is standard for home users and has been for about two decades. Large numbers of business use Linux including Google, NY Stock Exchange, many other large corporations use it as well as NASA.

    International Space Station switches from Windows to Linux, for improved reliability | ExtremeTech

    If your end goal is to run a computer store where you are dealing with end users who have little familiarity with computers, you will probably be dealing mostly with windows users. I'd suggest you either dual-boot (plenty of tutorials on the internet) or download VirtualBox to use.

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    Well, I run Windows for only 1 application but it has nothing to do with wanting to be a IT techy type.

    All my other stuff I do in Linux. I think you worry too much myself about loosing your touch in Windows apps.
    I did not lose my expertise at running TTS Power you can bank on!
    My Bill charging for a tune up would give you cardiac arrest.

    It can't hurt in my experience to keep learning. Adapt,learn, or die trying. Windows may be the 20th century number 1 thing.
    Time moves on though and what once was relevant and main stream. Sometimes it becomes extinct through better tech or
    just the younger generation (like you) just moving on.

    Run Both. I do and am not interested like you in becoming what you wish to be (I already enjoy my path in life). But knowing more about 2 things can.t be more harmful than just specializing in 1 thing. Just in case that 1 thing becomes moot over time. Evolution has already proved this in life.
    Don't be a dinosaur.

    Edit: By the way. I don't program in Linux. But I can drive the pants off of it.
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