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    Show a Single Page and then Quit

    Is there a command to show one page of text? I want something like less or more, but automatically quits after displaying a single page.

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    You could use cat with the file name then pipe head or tail with a -n and the number of lines to display. example cat /etc/hosts.deny | -n50.

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    why not just run head on it's own?

    [you@yourbox]$ head -n 50 /path/to/file

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    Better yet, use the actual page size:
    head -n $LINES /path/to/file
    In some cases the $LINES variable is broken, as seen in this article bash - LINES and COLUMNS environmental variables lost in a script - Stack Overflow , in which case you need to replace "$LINES" with "$(tput lines)" (credits to Puppe in the link above).

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    The tput command is not available on my system. Is there another way to get the actual page size?

    tput: command not found

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