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    Startup python script

    I am trying to configure my SUSE OS to start and automatically start a python script that launches a window that is used to connect to a server viva rdesktop. The problem I am having is getting it to launch right when the user logs in. I don't want this user to be able to do anything but interact with the window.

    So far I have been able to launch it after I log in but I can't figure out how to launch it on startup.

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    can you go into a little more detail about what you are trying to do? first of all, when the user logs in, is X not running, and they are logging into a console-only environment, or do you use a graphical login manager (gdm, kdm, etc.) and a graphical desktop?

    why does the script have to run at start-up if it requires a user to log in first?

    or do you want to go straight from kernel boot to rdesktop login? perhaps you can call it in your .xsession/.xinitrc file. see this thread.

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    The scrip basiclly uses python to give the user 2 options (using gtk). 1)Connect to sever, and 2)Shut down. If they connect to server it launches rdesktop with the server already specified. They they would get the login screen and would never know that they were acually on a linux machine. I need to make it so that when the pc boots this is all they see. I dont want any login or any other choise besides connect or shutdown. For administrating I am planning on having a user accessable through ssh.


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