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    Last Semester of College... Which distro?

    So i will start my last semester of college in few days... Im taking few clases that require me to use linux, specially a android programming class (i know i can use windows, but to much ram limitations) i been using on and off ubuntu/debian for about 5 years, but never really felt really really comfortable with it, like i was able to install/remove programs edits files, basic basic, but never understood it at the kernel level.. So im thinking about just running linux for the next semester, but i want to run something a bit harder than just ubuntu, something that will force me to learn the linux guts... So im thinking to install Gentoo in my laptop (Sony Z13) what you guys think?? Still worth it to run Gentoo this days?? Ill be mostly doing C/C++ and android programming (using the Eclipse IDE)

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    Gentoo is not for newbies. I would recommend a user-friendly distributions such as Mint (a derivative of Ubuntu/Debian). Once you are comfortable with Linux, then you can try something like Gentoo (I am an expert and my first Gentoo installation took me at least 2 weeks of evenings and weekends to sort out). Another option, if you REALLY want to learn the guts is to go to Linux From Scratch (LFS)... If so, I hope you are a glutton for punishment! FWIW, I did that too, just to see how much work it would be - Gentoo was a snap in comparison!

    BTW, I still run Gentoo on an old 32-bit Dell I have under my desk. Not often, but it works!
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    How about Slackware which isn't particularly difficult but is almost entirely un-automated so you will learn a lot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by supermiguel View Post
    So i will start my last semester of college in few days
    So and so you are last semester in college, maybe you should acquire some systematic approach to this decision making problem (choosing appropriate linux distro to you and to your laptop - classical 2D optimization min-max problem).
    Why don't you start with the hardware. Find the specification of your laptop.
    For example:
    - Intel Core i5-520M 2.40GHz Processor (3MB cache)
    - 6GB DDR3 1066MHz RAM (8GB max)
    - 384GB (3 x 128GB) Samsung SSD Array (RAID 0)
    - 13.1" Widescreen LED Backlit Display (1600 x 900)
    - NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M GPU with 1GB of Dedicated Video RAM and Intel GMA HD integrated
    - DVD±R/RW with Double Layer Drive
    - Intel 6200 Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n, Gigabit Ethernet LAN, Bluetooth (2.1 + EDR)
    - Biometric Fingerprint Sensor
    - Ports: 3 x USB 2.0, Headphone Output, Microphone Input, VGA, HDMI, RJ-45 Ethernet, Port Replicator Connector
    - 6-cell 57Wh battery
    Then go on the net and find some approrpiate linux distro for i5 and nvidia GeForce (Mint 15 or some Fedora XFCE x86-64 /i686).
    Test three OSs from live CD. Choose two of them and install them on the HDD.
    Assign some benchmarks: loading time of the OS, Desktop session, opening the browser, opening GIMP, availability of media and ffmpeg, etc.
    You may download a small video from YouTube and measure the time it is converted into .mpg by ffmpeg in the different OSs.
    Choose one of them and delete the other. If you find claimed on the Net to be better as linux distro - test it from live CD first.
    IMV Fedora 19 XFCE x86-64 is rather appropriate for this laptop ... but you may feel convenient with else.
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