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    Revive almost dead MacBook?

    Hi there!

    First: Pardon my english, itīs not my mother tongue, so spelling mistakes and other mistakes may occour

    My MacBook is about to die, and I cant afford a new one. Yeah, I could get a cheap laptop with preinstalled Windows 8, but i seriously cant stand Windows 8. I am a noob to the Linux-world, although I've used the Linux distro red hat (and tried Ubuntu) at uni. As far I as have understood OS and Linux is kind of releated through the Unix connection from the early days, right?

    So, well. I have this old, white MacBook (bought in early 2009) who runs mountain lion. Itīs very slow, and go into "freeze"-mode quite often. I'm thinking of installing a Linux distro alonside OS X. My question is:
    1 - Do ypu reckon itīs worth a try, and maybe will make my mac last a little bit longer?
    2 - Which Linux distro is the most similiar with OS X?

    Nice day to yaīll

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    How about you look at the tags or what ever and give us some details on that Macbook. You can post a link by copying the link and leaving a space inbetween the h ttp and it wil post.
    Members can copy and paste your link and move that space over to see the info you supply on that Macbook so they can advise you.

    Edit: where are my manners, Howdy and Welcome to the forums.
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    Of course! These are the specs of my MacBook
    h ttp://

    And - thank you!

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    MacBook (13-inch, Late 2009) - Technical Specifications

    2.26GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor
    That was what was needed because that means any Linux distro can run off of sd card on that Macbook.

    Boot Ubuntu from an SD Card on your Macbook Air (or Pro) - Gadget Habit

    That way. You don't touch OSX and you just run off of a class 10 SD card, I have a 16 gig class 10 Micro SD card and a micro to sd card adapter that was purchased for $16.00.

    250GB 5400-rpm Serial ATA hard disk drive;
    Or You can dual boot by dividing up partitions on the Hardrive.

    You have lots of reading up to do. Macbooks can be a pain in the butt,
    I refuse to let fear and fear of others rule my life. It puts my humanity at risk.
    Accepting Death is the only way to stay alive.

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    Yep, since you don't have the Power PC processor you can use other Linux Distros on your "old"(to me 2009 isn't old but hey, different strokes for different folks.) and keep it running fast and worry free for years to come.
    The ones I've used that I actually like are Ubuntu 12.04LTS, Linux Mint 15 MATE and I did a Test Drive of Elementary OS today on a Live USB and it looked pretty good as well, very "OS X" like. I'd give all of em' a try and see what flavor you like the best.
    By the way, the entire reason I got into Linux was because my 11 year old(yep, you read that right 11 years old) iMac finally died because of an EMP from a near by lightning strike. I totally HATE Windows and can't afford another Mac so for my going Linux on a PC was a no brainer. Best thing I've ever done and you can say that I'm not a Hardcore Linux Fan.

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