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    Can't install Linux

    Hello everyone! I'm a newcomer to this site, and to linux.Recently I had to sell my computer and have had to replace it with with a computer with only 1GB RAM. I program gamesusing Pyhton and Pygame and have found that they're running very slow. So I was advised to upgrade my RAM to 2GB(that's the maximum it can run!) and use Linux lite instead of windows. Fair enough, I thought, let's go for it. This is when the problems started. So first of all I found the correct version and downloaded it. Then got a blank DVD to burn it-wouldn't work. It said that windows cannot open the file, so after following a link in that window I ended up downloading winzip so that I could open the file. Okay, now we're getting somewhere, i thought. I burned it to the DVD, restarted, and booted it from the DVD. I watched a tutorial on youtube that supposedly shows how to install it, but he's booted it from the DVD he opens something called 'virtual disk' which I can't find anywhere. when I try and open the linux folder, it shows four seperate foders and four seperate files. Don't know what I'm supposed to do with them. So i decided to try and do it from a USB stick-I borrowed one off my Dad, but it said it needed to be in FAT32 format, and when I try to reformat it the only options are 'htfs' (or something like that) or exFAT. And now my dad has just said he doesn't want me 'messing around with it', which is fantastic. So, am I completely screwed here? Any advice would be really apprecitated

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    Look here for burning an ISO:

    To put an ISO onto a USB stick
    1) you can format it to fat32 with Gparted. BE CAREFUL! Make sure you are formatting the USB stick and not the Hard Drive.
    2) You can use something like UNetbootin which is available for Linux, Windows and Mac UNetbootin - Homepage and Downloads

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    Not really all that hard to do. Download UNetbootin for which ever operating system you'll be using to make the "Live" USB stick from. Download the .iso of the version of Linux that you want then open UNetbootin and check the "Diskimage" box to point it to the download of the Linux Distro that you want to make "Live". Click the "OK" and it'll do the rest. You can either reboot or exit and install later.

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    So first of all I found the correct version and downloaded it.
    What exactly is the 'correct' version you are referring to? You do understand there are well over 500 different distributions of Linux available. You might start by posting the Linux distribution you are using.

    Then got a blank DVD to burn it-wouldn't work.
    That's pretty vague. Why would windows be unable to open the file? You need to burn the iso file as an image, you then need to boot the computer from the DVD. When you do that you should see a screen which usually has the name of the specific distribution and should get you either to a point where you can choose to begin the install or just boot to the Desktop of the Live CD. From that point, you can use the system or you can click on an Install icon on the Desktop.

    Posting the name of the distribution would be a good first step as someone should then be able to give you more details or point you to a good tutorial. You make a reference to virtual disk, if the tutorial is installing some Linux distribution on 'virtual' software like VirtualBox it is installing inside windows. What exactly do you want? windows and Linux? Just Linux? The age and hardware on the computer will make a difference also.

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    Ok, sorry for the vagueness. I am trying to get linux-lite-1.0.6-32bit.iso.torrent. I am using an Acer Aspire One with Windows XP, and I would like to get rid of this and just run Linux. When windows was unable to open the file, the error message said this:

    Windows cannot open this file:
    File: linux-lite- 1.0.6-32bit.iso.torrent

    To open this file, windows needs to know what program created it. Windows can go online to look it up automatically, or you can manually select from a list of files on your computer.

    It showed this message when I was trying to burn the file to the DVD. I was using a program called InfraRecorder, and as soon as I tried to select the linux file to burn, that message showed up. So i followed the link in the error window, and ended up downloading winzip to make it work. But, like i said, I booted the computer from the DVD drive, but I don't know what to do from there.

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    If you can't open the torrent file (which is not the iso) on xp in order to get the iso, go back to the site and click on the option above it to download from http. Also, copy the md5sum so you can check the download was good before burning to disk as an image:

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    The torrent isn't the iso? How do I get the iso then? I can't just burn the imge as it is to my disc then? When I open the torrent using winzip there's like four different folders and four seperate files. What am I meant to do with them?

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    This is the link to the direct download. A torrent file is used by a bit torrent client to find and download (and share) the actual iso.
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    Ok, thanks Elija. I now have it on the dvd, and when i boot from the dvd drive it loads Linux. Finally a step in the right direction! Yay! Unofrtunately though, when it's loading it shows a little message saying 'iormap error - requested 0x10, got 0x0'. And when it's fully loaded I'm only seeing half of the display. The bottom of the display is in the middle of the screen. Could that bejust because it's running from a dvd? ive tried deleting the linux iso, redownloading it and putting it on a different disk, but it's still the same. I can't imagine there being a problem with file though, so could it be my computer that's at fault? Thanks everyone for your help by the way, it's much appreciated

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    What are the specifications on the computer?

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